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The authenticity we fuse into our community and powerful activation concepts we create allow us to incorporate like-minded brands into our business that we know our community will love! These superpowers and our inspiring voice allow us to create transformative experiences and programs with limitless value for mindful brands and their tribes.
watercolor Retreats

We provide a well-rounded, one-stop shop for retreat hosts that include meditation, yoga, and coaching. With inner peace, connection, and balance at the forefront of our programming, we curate the perfect, blissful retreats for our wellness-driven partners.
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watercolor Membership Events

We provide unique, interactive workshops, that balance fun, education, and deep soul searching, for conscious organizations looking to feed their member’s minds and souls.
Group Coaching
AKA Vibe Circles! Join us in elevating group coaching to the level that group fitness is now (cuz it's happening)! Reach out to host in your space or put your mindful products in front of an engaged and receptive audience. Vibe Circles launched in the fall of 2018 in NYC and will be expanding to Miami this winter!
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Calling all entrepreneurs! As you already know, as an entrepeneur your personal life and business are interwoven. Therefore, to work on yourself is to work on your business. Without this work, your personal beliefs, limitations, and patterns seep into the company that needs you working at your highest vibrations! We’re here to help educate and guide you to operating at your brightest more often and get you through any challenges along the way.
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Speaking Engagements
Revolutionize your next event, retreat, or conference by hiring The A.B Method to create a memorable and meaningful experience for your attendees, employees, ambassadors, followers and more!